Hill88 2.0.1 — Introducing beefier settings

This post was originally published on Nov 27th, 2013

Now where the completely redesigned Hill88 is finally out, it’s time to focus on refining the new design and to implement all the features that haven’t made it into the first release.

There are basically two categories of features that we work on, the knowingly missing ones (like team support for the menu, reordering of tasks, attachments, etc.) and the extra ones that make Hill88 stand out to be the best Asana client for iOS. The later ones are those features that you might not miss right now (or maybe you do), but ones they are there you can’t imagine working without them. You get the point…

Ok, back to the current Hill88 2.0.1 release and our focus on UI refinements. Beside many small UI tweaks and improvements, there are two areas that I want to go into more detail.

Parent task names

Sub tasks live in the context of there parent tasks and this context was not displayed in the task list. With this release, we show the parents name next to the sub tasks name, as you already know it from Asana’s web app.
For now, you can also tap directly on the parent task name, which opens the task edit screen for the parent task. However, this tap gesture is a temporary solution as it will interfere with the soon coming long press gesture to reorder tasks.
Once we will release the ability to reorder tasks, we will also introduce a new even more flexible way of interacting with all the detail information on a task row (like parent task name, workspace, projects, tags and more).


The new design resonates very well with almost every of our users, however we found that there is a variety of workflows and preferences across our user base which we want to pay close attention to. In order to make Hill88 the best fit for every Asana user, we are going to introduce a series of settings to customise the workflow, the appearance as well as the detail of information displayed. With this version we are going to introduce the following new settings:

  • Set first weekday in due date calendar
  • Enable/disable automatic scrolling to newly added tasks
  • Enable/disable automatic scrolling to edited tasks (including task completion)
  • Enable/disable moving of completed tasks into the completed section

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improved syncronization
  • Fixed selection/scrolling issue with due calendar
  • Fixed search bar
  • Fixed badge number for today’s tasks
  • Fixed task order in unified task list
  • Fixed unified task list not immediately showing new tasks
  • Various minor UI modifications
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Various performance optimizations